Precision Diamond and CBN Wheels

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Height Width Depth Example Application Type no. Size Grit & Grade Speed[RPM] Price Each
100 10 2 Diamond Wheels 11V9 100x10x2x31.75 D126-100 Con 0 £114.65
100 10 2 Diamond Wheels 11V9 100x10x2x31.75 D126-75 Con 0 £95.54
125 10 2 Diamond Wheels 11V9 125x10x2x31.75 D126-75 Con 0 £124.18
175 12.7 3 Diamond Wheels 1A1 175 x 12.7 x 3 x 31.75 D107-75C 0 £219.73
175 12.7 3 Diamond Wheels 1A1 175 x 12.7 x 3 x 31.75 D126-75C 0 £219.73
175 12.7 3 Diamond Wheels 1A1 175 x 12.7 x 3 x 31.75 D151-75C 0 £219.73
250 13 3 Diamond Wheels 1A1 250x13x3x76.2 Aluminium Body D151-75 Con 0 £334.36
300 13 3 Diamond Wheels 1A1 300x13x3x127 Aluminium Body D151-75 Con 0 £372.58
300 25 3 Diamond Wheels 1A1 300x25x3x127 Alumium Body D151-75 Con 0 £494.83
90 10 2 Diamond Wheels 11V9 90x10x2x31.75 D126-75 Con 0 £95.54

We are CBN and Diamond Grinding Wheels Suppliers

CBN Electro-Plated grinding wheels

These are available in a wide range of forms and contours. Due to the wide range of applications and specialist nature of our customer requirements we only display a limited range within our shop.

Diamond Electro-Plated grinding wheels.

Diamond Electro-Plated grinding wheels offer the same advantages as CBN. However, because diamond is harder than CBN these wheels are used for different applications such as grinding carbide and glass.

Why use CBN superabrasives instead of conventional grinding wheels?

CBN wheels are used in place of conventional grinding wheels for a number of reasons, including:

  • CBN products will reduce grinding costs when compared to traditional abrasives.

  • CBN wheels offer high stock removal.

  • CBN wheels offer improved quality and wheel life.

  • CBN wheels are long life products, reducing downtime as wheel changes are infrequent.

  • CBN is the second hardest abrasive know to man.

CBN is a man made material and was developed to grind ferous materials like steel, hardened steel and steel alloys. CBN grit concentrations are 50 % (low), 75 % (medium) and 100 % (high). These figures tell you the amount of grit (carats) per cubic centimeter. In certain applications we manufacture CBN wheels either between or higher than these grades to give even better performance.

CBN is for grinding steel, stainless steel, hardened steel, steel alloys, high speed steel (hss).

The requirements for higher quality, longer life and faster grinding cycles from machine tools are the key reasons for using CBN superabrasives instead of traditional grinding wheel products.

CBN superabrasives are available in a wide range of grit sizes.

  • Grit size is available
  • Coarse D181 to D126
  • Medium D107 to D76
  • Fine D64 to D54
  • Extra Fine D46 to D25.

Electroplated Diamond Tools

Electroplated CBN wheels often use grit sizes considerably coarser to achieve greater metal removal when grinding carbide.

Most commonly used shapes are readily available.

Non-standard products can be manufactured to suit specific applications.


This is dependent upon the application and we request as much application detail as possible to allow us to recommend the most suitable bond.

CBN wheels are available in resin or metal bond.  Resin bond CBN wheels are used to grind a wide range of materials including steel, carbide, ceramic, superalloys and all hard steels. Resin bonded CBN wheels can generally be used wet or dry. However, the absence of coolant could reduce wheel life.

Metal bond CBN grinding wheels are more durable than resin and will also give longer life. Due to the nature of the bond, stock removal is often lower with a metal bonded CBN wheel, but resistance to accidental damage is greater. Metal bonded CBN grinding wheels can be used to grind steels as well as hard alloys. These CBN products are generally used wet.

CBN and Diamond grinding wheels are available in either metal or resin bond.

We are Diamond Grinding Wheel Manufacturers. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.