Grinding Wheels

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Our Range Of Grinding Wheels


Standard Stock Grinding Wheels

A full range of Vitrified Grinding Wheels for all standard applications. Wheels for Surface Grinding, Wheels for Cylindrical Grinding, Grinding Wheels for Centreless Grinding. Off Hand Grinding, Profile Grinding and Fettling Grinding applications.


Ceramic Grain Wheels For Hard Steels

High Performance Grinding Wheels for very Hard Steels, Grinding Wheels specifically designed for M2 and D2 Steels, 60 RC and harder. Reduced grinding cycle times and grinding costs.Longer wheel life and higher total part quality.


AZ Special Aluminium Oxide Wheels

A range of Precision Surface and Cylindrical Grinding Wheels for High Speed Steel, Tool Steel and also M2 and D2 Steels. AZ Grinding Wheels are for steels 55 RC and harder. Free cutting friable abrasive without burning, Premium Blue Aluminum Oxide Abrasive with a V32 bond for excellent grinding results.


Cup and Dish Grinding Wheels

Vitrified Straight Cup Grinding Wheels, Taper Cup Grinding Wheels and Dish Grinding Wheels for Tool and Cutter Grinding and Face Grinding also Bandsaw Weld Removal.

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